Create a business & life you love.

Creating a business that you love & also makes you wildly wealthy - requires not only your sacred kick ass talent but also braving getting visible online.

I know it can be a hard pill to swallow but its the only way your soul clients will be able to find you online easily and vividly.

It's also one of the easiest and most profoud way to deliver the message you were born here to share at this very precise and important time in the world.

No copy, emails, or images can substitute the deep effect conencting with your ideal audience through video provides.

As a busy mom & entrepeneur it's also my secret sauce on how I can get so much done in so little time, while also spreading my message and unique take on the work I do quickly online.

Because I've seen the power that video holds (As well as the amazing skills you get to develop along the way) like public speaking, selling, teaching, and connecting with your people in the now (helping you see what they are most in need of in teh moment).

All of these things make you a kickass strong, business woman and leader in your industry.

Without ever having to feel like you have compete with anyone else.

Because how you show up on video is always coded with your unique presence, experience and brand vibe.

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When you join my mailing list. To help you:

  • Showing up consistently for the duration of the challenge (even on days when you're not sure what to talk about). I've got you covered!

  • Plan out your live videos using the bonus weekly & monthly planning

templates inside to help you stay focused, on vision, and on task throughout the week.

  • Build your business or personal brand video by video by naturally helping your audience get to know through the variety of personal development, business, and spiritual living prompts throughout.

  • Your audience will walk away seeing how you're so much more than just a business genius, you're also a beautiful multifaceted goddess and woman living a fully lit up and aligned life with her soul calling.

CEO's dont just grow a social media presence they don't actually own...they grow an email list that's THEIRS no matter what.

While you get visible on live video... learn how to grow your email list so you never lose touch with your audience again (no matter what may happen in the social media interwebs).

Through an email list you can:

  • Create a list of leads that's yours and cannot be taken away, deleted or impacted by any social media hang up.

Sell, share posts, offers or promote to your heart's content directly to your audience without having to depend on social media as a middle man.

  • Offer them a valuable printable that can help nurture your audience more deeply connected to what you've been sharing on live video.

I'll show you how to create an easy printable that will help you stay top of mind in the eyes of your subscribers, and primed to buy, sell and clamor for more from your business. .

  • Learn how to promote your free opt in, what to share with your email list, who I used and how often.

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